Eleanor Ball

Writer and editor

Selected Publications

- "Buried Gospel" in Carmen et Error (nominated for Best of the Net)
- "Deconstructing and Redefining 'Writing Discipline'" in Broken Antler
- "On Developing Queer Confidence" in oranges journal
- "New Year Same Shit." in BRUISER
- "Love Poem as Hate Poem as Love Poem" in Bullshit Lit
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I’m a 22-year-old poet, essayist, and speculative fiction writer from Des Moines, Iowa. I often write about queerness, the body, religion, family/heritage, and contemporary politics. My work has been featured in Bullshit Lit, Stone Pacific Zine, Vagabond City Lit, Write or Die, and elsewhere. Click here for a full list of current and upcoming publications.I love editing just as much as writing, and I serve on the staff of several publications, primarily ones geared towards emerging and marginalized writers. I'm a General Editor for renaissance review (August 2022-present) and The Cloudscent Journal (April 2023-present), as well as a reader for The Q&A Queer Zine (August 2022-present) and Flash Point SF (July 2023-present).Outside of writing, I love Dungeons & Dragons, Fall Out Boy, typing loudly, breaking book spines, and yellow mustard.



- "Self-Portrait as the Book of Genesis" in The Bitchin' Kitsch, July 2023, Read Now or Buy in Print
- "i tried to write a poem about my body. my body wrote a poem about me." in Vagabond City Lit, June 2023
- "desdemona kisses ophelia behind the bleachers at senior prom" in Coin-Operated Press's We're All Queer Here zine, June 2023, Buy in Print or Buy Digital
- "the times after the after times" in Troublemaker Firestarter, June 2023, Buy in Print
- "Buried Gospel" in Carmen et Error, June 2023
- "New Year Same Shit." in BRUISER, May 2023
- "Thoughts While Dressing After a Tuesday Night Shower" in Rat World, April 2023, Buy in Print
- "Love Poem as Hate Poem as Love Poem" and "Self-Portrait in Pieces" in Bullshit Lit, February 2023
- "that's so liminal" in the winnow, November 2022, Read Now or Buy in Print
- "An Exercise" in Stone of Madness, July 2022


- "Deconstructing and Redefining 'Writing Discipline'" in Broken Antler, August 2023
- "More than 'just a sick girl': A review of Heat Death of the Universe by Leela Raj-Sankar" in Stone Pacific Zine, July 2023
- "The Fourth Story" in Mag 20/20, July 2023
- "3 Craft Book Recommendations From Someone Who Hates Craft Books," The Hooghly Review Weekly Feature, July 2023
- "The Joys of Slow Drafting," fifth wheel press blog feature, June 2023
- "On Developing Queer Confidence" in oranges journal, June 2023
- "When Everything Ends, What Comes After?: Narration, Time, and Memory in The Ruin" in The Hyacinth Review, May 2023
- "3 Lessons From My First Year of Submitting to Lit Mags" in Write or Die, May 2023
- "Another Stupid Love Story" in Bitter Pill Press's Bittersweet zine, February 2023, Read Now or Buy in Print


- "St. Christopher Takes a Call" in Bullshit Anthology, Vol. 2, ed. Veronica Bennett (Bullshit Lit Press, 2023), Buy Paperback or Ebook
- "Cheap Talk" in dreamland anthology, ed. nat raum (fifth wheel press, 2023), Buy Paperback [Link Coming November] or Read Now


"Family Dinner" in Frighten the Horses, May 2023

Forthcoming fall 2023

Poetry in DEAR Poetry, Sublunary Review, and Unfortunately Literary Magazine
Fiction in Vocivia Magazine